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Provincial Priory of Hertfordshire

The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta

A Word From the Provincial Prior of Hertfordshire

Welcome to the website of the Provincial Priory for the Province of Hertfordshire.

pprior jpg I’m very pleased to welcome you to the website for the Provincial Priory of Hertfordshire, and hope you find it helpful and informative. The full title of the Order is The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas, but most Masons know it simply as ‘KT’ or ‘Knights Templar’. Candidates for membership must already be Craft and Royal Arch Masons, and also profess to the Trinitarian Christian Faith.

There are two degrees in the Order, Namely - Knights Templar and Knights of Malta.

The first being carried out at the Preceptory that you join and the second at a special meeting of which 3 Preceptories in the Province carry out.

We utilise the history and practices of the medieval Knights Templar as a basis for our ceremonies, although we have no direct link with those "Knights of Old". The Great Priory of the United Orders, which is based in London, manages the Order, via a number of “Provinces” or “Provincial Priories” throughout England and Wales and many other parts of the world.

A Province is made up of a number of private units called Preceptories. In Hertfordshire there are 16 Preceptories meeting at various Masonic Halls in many towns throughout the County. Their locations all are listed within this website together with the contact details of their Registrars.

I hope that in visiting this site, either as a member or interested visitor, that you will enjoy the content and gain a greater understanding of the United Orders and our activities.

If you are a Master Mason and a Royal Arch Mason and are interested in joining the Order of Knights Templar then email the Province using the following link or direct from the online Contact Form for further information: V-Chan@ktherts.com (more information about the Preceptories and Hertfordshire Masonic Centres are contained in the website).

R.E.Kt A D White
Provincial Prior

  • Provincial

    Right Eminent Knight
    Alastair White
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  • Provincial

    V.E.Kt. Michael Beaty,
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  • Provincial Vice

    E.Kt. Rhys Madoc
    P.Gt.W. of Regalia

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  • Provincial

    E.Kt. Lester Wellington

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    Email: v-chan@ktherts.com
    Or make your life easier and use our Contact Form.

    The Provincial Information Officer is - E.Kt. Denis Gibney

    Denis will be pleased to receive information to be included on this web site. We are particularly interested to receive information about current and forthcoming events. News about our Knights and activities in the Preceptories are welcome.
    Send your texts as PDF or Word documents and images as JPegs to Denis Gibney on denis.gibney@yahoo.co.uk

    The Webmaster is - E.Kt. Lester Wellington

    If you wish to report any links that are not working or errors occurring on the website, please contact him via the online Contact Form stating the page you are referring to and the problems you have encountered.
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