What makes a good meeting?

I was privileged to be in attendance at the Temple Chelsea meeting which took place at Hertingfordbury Masonic Hall, Mayflower Place on Friday 17th November. On this occasion our Provincial Prior was in attendance with his escort and Bodyguard. These alone totalled 25 Knights and together with the members of the Preceptory and their new Knight, there was an impressive number of knights packing the Temple. 12 members of the Bodyguard formed the Arch of Steel for the Provincial Prior and proved to be a sight worth seeing. The atmosphere was commanding and euphoric.

The Ritual for the ceremony was delivered with sincerity and meaning and to top it all the Festive Board was fantastic!

So all in all, any meeting that can capture these points can only enhance what we already have. Take time to see if you can get out to more meetings and help support and enhance another Preceptory's meetings. A good way to do this is to become a member of the Hertfordshire Pilgrims. It's FREE. Contact EKt Mike Beaty - The Pilgrims - for an application form.

Malta Degree

October and November 2017

As you are aware, our Province performs the Ancient and Masonic Order of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta degree three times a year throughout the Province. We have two left this year, the first at Melita Preceptory at Cheshunt on Saturday 21st October and the last one at Crossed Swords Preceptory on 1st November. Don't miss the opportunity to witness this fantastic ceremony if full.


St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Newsletter

October 2017

Click here to read our latest issue of Jerusalem Scene.

In the footsteps of Saint Thomas

Thursday 12th Oct 2017
St Wilfrid's Hall, Brompton Oratory, Brompton Rd, London, SW7 2RP
£30 (£15 students) Ticket includes talk followed by wine and canapes.
Serena Fass is a lecturer, photographer and author who is passionate about history, art, architecture and landscape. These all combine perfectly in the period of the first century AD at the time of Jesus' life, death and His Apostles' journeys to fulfil the Great Commission of taking His message to the ends of the Earth. Over the years, she has followed many of these routes by land and sea.
In the Footsteps of St Thomas is Serena Fass' third book and follows the Apostle's supposed journey from Jerusalem to Parthia and India and finally the route taken by his body from Mylapore to Edessa in Mesopotamia, the Greek island of Chios and Ortona in the Abruzzi, Italy.
Click here to buy tickets online or contact the office to order tickets over the phone or by post.
Actors Hugh Bonneville and Richard E Grant at last year's Gift of Sight Fair

Gift of Sight Fair: an evening with HRH Duke of Gloucester

Wednesday 29th Nov 2017
Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London, SW3 5EE
Isn't it wonderful to do all your Christmas shopping at once, in beautiful surroundings and in support of independent retailers and charity alike? You can at The Gift of Sight Fair, which has become an essential date in Londoners' diaries. Avoid having to return those disappointing online purchases, or the usual last minute dash around the shops laden with bags - instead, come and enjoy the wonderful products from designers and crafts people from the UK and beyond and do all your Christmas shopping in one place and on one day. With beautiful jewellery, quality homewares, vintage designs, fashion accessories, charming children's clothes and much, much more on offer, there's something for everyone at The Gift of Sight Fair - whether you are looking for unusual gifts for your children, beautiful gifts for someone special, or just fancy a treat for yourself.

This year the general fair will be between 12-5pm on Wednesday 29th November (tickets for the day can be purchased on the door), followed by a Reception from 6pm in the presence of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester. Tickets for the reception cost £35 per person.

Entry fees and 10% of all sales goes to St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, the only charitable provider of eyecare in the Palestinian territories.

Click here to buy tickets to the Gala Reception at our Gift of Sight Fair in the presence of HRH Duke of Gloucester.

KT Away Weekend at York

26th May - 28th May 2018

Fairfield Manor Hotel,
Shipton Road,
York. YO30 1XW

York has evidence of for the presence of people as far back as 7 to 8,000 yrs. BC. It was settled by the Romans then known as “EBORACUM” and to this day the Archbishop of York second most senior bishop in the Church of England signs as “EBOR”. From about 400AD the Anglo Saxons took over and the name became “EOFORWIC” meaning rich in wild boar. They were followed by the Vikings who called it “JORVIC”. Following the Norman Invasion in 1066 York suffered and was badly damaged although it recovered to become the administrative centre for Yorkshire. York began to prosper during the Medieval period and particularly so during the late 14th and early 15th centuries. Being a royalist city York was besieged during the English Civil War eventually being captured by Lord Fairfax in 1644. Recovering from this conflict the city grew and became the 3rd largest City in England after London and Norwich. Each of these periods has left a rich legacy making this one of the most beautiful cities in England.

Please see below for all the details and booking arrangements. The documents give you full details of the weekend. Please view them. The Application form can be downloaded and completed and emailed or printed and posted to the organiser.

Your Registrar will also have these forms and can send them to you. If in any doubt, contact Mike Stanforth, and he will be pleased to assist you.

Application Form
Places to go

P. O. I

3rd September 2017

The new season is soon to be upon us and kicking off the season will be the first Provincial Preceptory of Instruction. Starting on Sunday 3rd September at 10am sharp in the main Temple, the POI is run under the auspices and watchful eye of the Provincial Marshal, E Kt Michael Beaty. Need to sharpen up on your sword drill? Learning the Ritual? Marshal of your Preceptory? Want to know what you have to do in office? This is the place to come.

Provicial Prior's Bodyguard Social Event

16th July 2017

Nearing the end of the Masonic KT year, the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard spent a pleasant afternoon in the company of each other and in the main their partners, at The Ruby Indian Restaurant in Hertford. The Provincial Prior's Bodyguard is made up of a number of Hertfordshire Knights from the different Preceptories in the Province. Therefore, the only time they get together is usually whilst on duty either at Preceptory meetings; Provincial Priory or at the Annual Church Service at Waltham Abbey. Unfortunately, this does not allow any time to socialise with each other.

This was a great opportunity for the hard working Knights to get together outside of the Preceptory, relax and get to know one another a little better. Some of the Knights met at the nearby Public House before venturing to the restaurant. We sat down at 2pm but due to our number, the restaurant could not seat us all on one table but this did not detract from the intimate atmosphere we created. Such a good time was had, we eventually left just after 5pm. This was such an experience, I am sure this could be a regular feature of being a member of the Bodyguard.

King Henry the Eighth Chapter and KT
Vice Chancellor gives a KT talk to the Companions

24th April 2017

It's been a long time coming. The Vice Chancellor received a request from E Kt Rob Gurney of The Preceptory of St Alban 266 and also a member of King Henry the Eighth Chapter, to attend and give a lecture on Knights Templar to the other members of the Holy Royal Arch at their next meeting, which took place at Ashwell House. Permission was obtained from the Right Eminent Provincial Prior and the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for the lecture to take place.

This was made at very short notice and our Vice Chancellor, E Kt Alastair White attended the Chapter meeting together with Kt Lester Wellington where he delivered a very interesting and enlightening lecture on the history encompassing the formation of Knights Templar, what they did, their demise and how they are connected to the Masonic Knights Templar. An extremely brief and vague outline of what the ceremony is about was given.

Following on from this, E Kt Alastair White went on to explain and describe the regalia used in both KT ceremonies as well as the Malta degree, both sets of regalia being amply modelled by Kt Lester Wellington. A question and answer session took place afterwards and the Companions were delighted with the lecture delivered to them.

It was so nice to be able to communicate what we are all about in this type of forum, seeing as this is the pool we acquire all our Candidates from, in one way or another. We must always remember that we are reliant on the Holy Royal Arch.

St George's Day Dinner

23rd April 2017

This Provincial event of The Hertfordshire Knights Templar, is now in its 11th year. It has continued to be a great festival of colourful fun, song and camaraderie. This year the dining hall at Cheshunt was packed with over 100 Knights with their families and friends who gathered again for what turned out to be a wonderful evening.

A preview of the hall before everybody entered, was quite a beautiful sight. The hall was decked out with all forms of red, white and blue decorations and St George’s flags.

In traditional form, the ‘Roast Beef’, carried by Kt Dennis Holmes, was paraded into the hall under an Arch of Steel led by the firm hands of David Sodey, and after circling the hall, was presented to The Provincial Sub Prior – Mike Stanforth, and was duly ‘Knighted – Sir Loin’!! to the loud acclaim of the assembly.

The meal was excellent, and as the afternoon progressed, and much ale was quaffed, the wenches were kissed, and the jollity continued!! Mike Beaty led the Stand Up Bingo, which caused great rivalry.

We were entertained by the lovely soprano – Gemma Turner, who returned by popular request and gave us a medley of traditional English songs, leading up to the wonderful singing of the patriotic hymns. Everybody joined in with great enthusiasm.

Many knights and their guests had by this time shed their formal dinner gowns, and had donned their patriotic fancy dress. It was good to see John Paternoster, recovered from his injury, in full flow, and most elegantly attired. We were also very pleased to welcome The Provincial Grand Master, Paul Gower and his wife.

Our pictures show what a happy and vibrant occasion this was, and we hope will continue to be so for many years to come. Certainly – not an occasion to be missed.

Denis Gibney

Alice in Wonderland or a KT Temple?
700 year old cave holds interesting artefacts

9th March 2017

On 9th March a discovery was made beneath a field in Shifnal, Shropshire. It is believed that a 700 year old cave used and probably built by the Knights Templar was found in an excellent and preserved manner.

As usual, there are varying stories in circulation as to the origins of the cave and its use. Cults, conspiracy theories and even the fact that it was previously used by pagan and druid followers wanting to hold ceremonies during Summer Solstice, Halloween and other times of the year. As a result the farmer sealed up the entrances in 2012 to prevent their visits.

It is suggested you read the articles and believe what you will. Links provided below:
Daily Mail
The Metro
Huffington Post
The Telegraph
The Independent

Appointment in the Field for the Provincial Grand Master

14th February 2017

At the recent meeting of the Charles Herbert Perram Preceptory, by dispensation from the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, the Secrets of the Chair were conferred upon the Provincial Grand Master, Kt Paul Gower, during the ceremony of installing the new Eminent Preceptor. Following the Installation, the Right Eminent Provincial Prior was very pleased to appoint E.Kt. Gower to the rank of Past Provincial Standard Bearer (VB), to the acclaim and warm applause of all present.

New Supreme Grand Master is Announced

17th May 2017

The RE Provincial Prior received the following message earlier today from the Great Vice-Chancellor;

Very Dear Brother Knights
I am pleased to inform you that following a recommendation from the Grand Master’s Advisors and now endorsed by the Grand Master’s Council at an emergency meeting held today at Mark Masons’ Hall, that R.E.Kt. Paul Raymond Clement, G.C.T. has been nominated for election as the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master of our Order.
Subject to election, R.E.Kt. Paul will be Installed at the meeting of Great Priory to be held at Freemasons Hall, London on Wednesday 17th May 2017.
Would you please advise the Knights of your Province of the nomination and also ask them to support R.E.Kt. Paul at the Installation meeting and also, at the Family Church Service to be held in Lincoln on Saturday 16th September 2017.
Yours in the Bonds of the Order
Lt Cdr Angus Hannagan, RD, KCT
Great Vice-Chancellor

The meeting of Great Priory to be held on 17th May 2017 will now start at 11.30am, rehearsals will commence at 9am, and all proceedings will be over by 5pm.

The Gift of Sight Fair 2016

29th November 2016

at Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Road, London SW3 5EE
Preview Evening Champagne Reception
6.00pm - 8.30pm
Tickets £30 (includes free entry next day)
General Fair Day
11.00am - 8.00pm (free entry after 6.30pm)
Entrance £5 on the door
How to buy tickets
On the phone: Diana Safieh on 020 7553 6969

Isn't it wonderful to do all your Christmas shopping at once, in beautiful surroundings and in support of independent retailers and charity alike? You can at The Gift of Sight Fair, which has become an essential date in Londoners' diaries. Avoid having to return those disappointing online purchases, or the usual last minute dash around the shops laden with bags - instead, come and enjoy the wonderful products from designers and crafts people from the UK and beyond and do all your Christmas shopping in one place and on one day. With beautiful jewellery, quality homewares, vintage designs, fashion accessories, charming children's clothes and much, much more on offer, there's something for everyone at The Gift of Sight Fair - whether you are looking for unusual gifts for your children, beautiful gifts for someone special, or just fancy a treat for yourself.


The Craft Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire
takes another step in Freemasonry

20th September 2016

On Tuesday 20th September 2016, the Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, R W Bro Paul Gower, passed through the Degree of a Knight of St Paul to enable him to be installed as a Knight of Malta in the Charles Herbert Perram Priory No.409, at the Masonic Hall, Radlett, Hertfordshire.

R W Bro Paul Gower was ably supported by 40 plus knights of the Order under the guidance of the Provincial Prior for Hertfordshire, Right Eminent Knight Tony Lapsley.

The Ceremony was conducted in an absolutely superb fashion by the Sub-Prior for Hertfordshire Eminent Knight Mike Stanforth, who was most notably supported in delivering the Degree of a Knight of St Paul by Eminent Knight Colin Hellyer, also known (when dressed in slightly different regalia,) as the District Grand Master of the Grand Council of Hertfordshire.

Eminent Knight John Linley, also known as the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra of Hertfordshire, delivered a major address to the Candidate in a faultless fashion. The Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard were there, as ever, to assist with anything that needed assisting with…..

All in all, a great ‘knight’ (if you’ll pardon the pun) for Freemasonry in Hertfordshire!

E.Kt Darren Bending

Knights Templar Presentation
Fleet House Light Blues Club Event

9th July 2016

FHLBC contacted the RE Provincial Prior at the beginning of the year and asked if he would like to send a representative along to an event they had arranged to visit the Royston Cave on Saturday 9th July 2016. The event proved to very popular and as such, they had to arrange two tours of the cave instead of the one. The tour lasted about 45 minutes each and to point out and explain the special carvings in the cave, the FHLBC had invited Stephen Andrews, an independent researcher from suffolk. His masonic information includes PAGDC Hartismere lodge 1663 (Suffolk Province); Hartismere Chapter 1663 PZ; KT- Martyn Preceptory 544. Also attending the tour of the caves was Sylvia Beamon, M.A. (Cantab) who gave an invaluable insight to the carvings in the cave. Sylvia lives in Royston and is the author of a number of books on the subject. She studied archaeology and anthropology, graduating from Cambridge University in 1977(Lucy Cavendish College). She has held a long-term interest in underground structures and the reuse of the galleries and chambers left within disused mines. She has lectured and published widely in this field. Sylvia founded the national society Subterranea Britannica in 1974 editing its journal of the same name for ten years. Sylvia co-authored The Ice-houses of Britain (1990) Routledge, London which is recognised as the definitive work on Icehouses in this country. The National Monuments Record and the British Academy supported the project, with Dr Susan Roaf, which gained a British Archaeological Award in 1986. In addition to her roles as book reviewer, archaeological excavator, TV / radio contributor and conference organiser, Sylvia has interests in childcare and health issues. Since 1996, she has become a reviewer and consumer for the Cochrane Collaboration and continues research into the underground treatment of asthma known as Speleotherapy. Other titles by Sylvia include: Royston Cave Used by Saint or Sinners? The Ice-houses of Britain, Exploring Royston Cave, Underground Mythology and Speleotherapy for Asthma

Amazon link

Royston Cave is an enigma. No records of its age or purpose exist, but it is manmade and contains an extensive range of wall carvings representing the Crucifixion, the Holy Family and several saints including St Katherine, St Laurence and St Christopher. Other carvings are less easily identified and have been interpreted as possible pagan symbols.

Some studies have drawn comparisons with Knights Templar sites. Others point to possible Masonic symbols, that could link it to James I who maintained a hunting lodge at Royston. Some believe the Cave is a spiritual centre where two ley-lines cross.

Having completed the tours, the groups met back at the Royston Masonic Centre for lunch which was greatly appreciated. Once punch was finished, the 23 FHLBC attendees were presented with their first talk on the experiences of Kt Lester Wellington, a relatively new Hertfordshire Knight, whom the RE Provincial Prior had asked to attend. He gave a very informative presentation of what the Knights Templar Masonic Order was all about, explaining the Regalia worn by both KT and Malta knights and the qualifications needed to become a member of the Order. There was a question and answer session following the presentation which then lead to a digital presentation of KT related buildings and carvings around the world from Stephen Andrews.

There was a host of information on offer at both the presentations and the Royston Cave tour which is certainly recommended. If you need further information regarding the Royston Cave, please visit their website Royston Cave Website

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