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The Crossed Swords Preceptory 618 meets twice a year on the first Tuesday in May and the second Wednesday in November. The May meeting is the Installation of the new Preceptor whilst at the November meeting, the Malta degree is carried out. This Preceptory is one of three in the Province which carries out the admission of Knights Templar into the Order of the Knights of Malta.

We meet at Mayflower Place, Hertingfordbury, Herts SG14 2LH.

In overall charge of the Bodyguard is the Provincial Marshal. The management of the members of the Bodyguard is in the capable hands of the Bodyguard Commander, currently EKt David Sodey PProvGStB(B). The Bodyguard has a membership of around 20 knights from across the Province, invited to join after a period of probation to ensure that it suits them and that they are up to the required standard to be on the Bodyguard.

Each knight is accepted onto the Bodyguard on the understanding that they can commit to attending at least 6 Preceptory meetings, not including their own, plus the the Provincial Priory meeting held in June each year as well as the Provincial Church Service in May.

Bodyguard Commander: EKt David Sodey PProv1stCon

Deputy Bodyguard Commander: Kt Lester Wellington

Registrar: Kt Roy Bishop


:EKt Stephen HammondStandon Priory 581
:Kt Robbie BiggsStuart 28 / Crossed Swords 618
:Kt Carlton PattersonStuart 28 / Crossed Swords 618
:Kt Paul EllisStuart 28
:Kt Iain GreenMelita 37 / Temple Dinsley 283 / Crossed Swords 618
:Kt Bill CooperJohn F Cleeves 315
:Kt Melvyn PatemanTemple Chelsin 269 / Temple Dinsley 283
:Kt Mark PedrozHarold Devereux Still 543
:Kt John FenoughtyMelita 37
:Kt Mark WilliamsJoseph Moffett 383
:Kt Andrew AllenSt John the Evangelist 281
:Kt Dennis HolmesPreceptory of Saint Alban 266

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